Golf Squad Co-Founder

Ysreen (pronounced Serene) Shores, was born in New York and traveled the country and world from an early age.  She is from a long line of entrepreneurs and entertainers. Her dad Erv Braun was the Supercross sports announcer they called “The Voice of Supercross.” As a child, she trained as a top level gymnast and later moved to Los Angeles where she worked in the film industry.  She produced two independent feature films and worked in feature film development for several of the major studios.  Ysreen is proud to have graduated from The University of Southern California, USC.

With a strong passion for education, and the game of golf, Ysreen is excited to be building the foundation to enjoy golf for a lifetime through Golf Squad, Golf Squad Corporate and Golf Squad Online offerings.

“As an elite trained gymnast, there are several areas of Golf Squad I am most committed to, however, I find the “follow through” aspect most intriguing.  It’s nearly redundant to say that without follow through you will accomplish very little in life.  Whether it is to completion of the final “trophy pose” in your child’s golf swing, or through the balancing act between having fun and maintaining the patience to learn the skills required to enjoy golf for a lifetime, Golf Squad’s main focus is to provide the time and professional guidance to work on these skills.

Additionally, I wish I had played golf throughout my gymnastics training.  I remember racing motorcycles on the weekends with my dad.  Race weekends provided an opportunity to not think about the type of focused training and commitment that was required of me as a gymnast.  It was fun.  As I advanced as a gymnast, the racing became too risky to my career and I quit riding.  I quickly missed the diversion and actually had less energy toward my gymnastics training long term.  I strongly believe that golf would have been the perfect relief mechanism and would have balanced my mind and energies (as it does today).

Whatever your child’s or your reasons for Golf Squad, I hope it is a path that they follow through with…it will pay off for years to come.

We’re building the foundation to enjoy golf for a lifetime together!”

Ysreen Shores
Golf Squad Co-Founder