Squad Satisfaction.

“Golf Squad is a great way to have your children learn the game of golf from PGA Professionals at the top of their fields right at the comfort of your school.  Golf Squad has a specific structure that is followed to insure that children learn a game that they can enjoy for the rest of their adult lives.  This structure with the combination of PGA Professional instruction make Golf Squad the best in the country period.”

~ Andrew Boyd, PGA
Golf Squad Program Manager (AZ, TX, CO)

“After never playing a day in their lives (other than Emmey’s one experience in Golf Squad) they decided to try out for the JWMHS Varsity girl’s team this year.  They both made it and enjoyed it greatly! — Thank you for these opportunities”

Katie Chefero

“I had a blast with 15 students.  I had kindergarten age up to 5th grade and we developed a great flow of instruction and fun … As a PGA Professional, if I can show a child that golf can be fun, is an athletic, challenging sport and they share some laughs and have a great time, then I have done my job.  Most of the students were sad that yesterday was the last session for fall.  I had parents tell me they have their child ready to go for spring!”

– Paige Cribb, PGA, MBA (President, Carolinas PGA Section)

“Thanks so much for all your work with Lawson. He really enjoyed his time in Golf Squad and he learned a lot. We really appreciate how great you were with the kids and how much you obviously enjoyed working with them! We hope to sign him up for another course soon.”

– Mrs. Adrienne Miller

“Kameron loves golf! Which makes me extremely happy! I thought maybe because she is the only girl, she’d say she didn’t care for it. Wrong. Since the very first class she’s enjoyed it! Each week she’s even more excited and enthusiastic. She has said more than once that she wants to golf year round. Do you know somewhere that teaches year round? I told her after Golf Squad is over, we’ll find somewhere for her to continue golfing. Thanks for allowing our children the chance to do a sport that’s normally not introduced until later in life!”

– Esther Courtney

“The children in the Extended Day Program at PDS have enjoyed the Golf Squad program. This program brings the knowledge and skills of playing golf along with teaching the importance of having good character! The skill levels taught are age appropriate with the ability to challenge the children as they improve. The instructors are patient, kind, fun and display all the good characteristics taught by this program.”

– Extended Day Program Director, Providence Day School, Charlotte, NC (Top 10 National Afterschool Program)

“Just wanted to share – over Spring Break we were flipping through the channels one rainy day and Gracie MADE us all watch the golf tournament. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that happening.”

– Marleah Bouchard, Psy.D., Assistant Professor (Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy)

“Thought you would want to know Brooks attended The Masters with his dad and brother last week. He got to use his golf etiquette!”

– Lisa Bishop

“We have had the pleasure of offering Golf Squad to our students for over two years at BSI. We have had excellent participation in the program each year due to the professionalism of the instructors as well as the emphasis they place on not only the fundamentals, but character education. The students are very excited and enjoy being a part of this program and the instructors are a pleasure to work with.”

– Tammy Greer, Principal

“My son took the Golf Squad afterschool course and absolutely loved it. This was his first exposure to the sport and he wants to continue lessons. I’m very pleased with the way the program works in lessons about good character, honesty, integrity, and respect. I understand that they have a next level. I hope that Golf Squad will be able to offer the second course this semester. If so, my son and his friends will definitely sign up for it!”

– Elizabeth West

“I just signed John up yesterday. I cannot tell you how much he enjoyed your classes! They enabled him to learn about and experience a sport he might not otherwise have been exposed to. He can’t get enough, he even got some clubs for his birthday, he is anxiously awaiting the rain to stop as we promised to take him to the hitting range.

If needed, I would be happy to provide a glowing reference to any parents from SJN that might ask you for one!”

– Colleen Wilcox

“This is the first year our children have had the opportunity to be involved in the Golf Squad program. The program has been fun, educational, and very professionally presented. The instructor is knowledgeable and relates the information to the children in a way that is understood by all age groups. The children are very excited to be a part of the program and wait with eager anticipation for each class.  When golf skills are being taught in our PE classes those children are a step above the others are are ready to assist with helping them in a positive, encouraging manner.  Our PE Department appreciates Golf Squad for allowing our children the opportunity to continue in another activity that will provide endless fun and a lifetime of health benefits.

– Joyce Morrow, PE Teacher

“My husband … forwarded your (… weekly group email…) to me Just a quick note to thank both you and Coach Sammy. Our daughter is Faith. I read your note and nearly cried. You see….I was about to call you/Sammy to make sure that everything was going OK and to give you my cell phone number in case there were any issues. Her last school offered on-campus gymnastics and dance. While she seemed to love both programs, she struggled and I was always getting phone calls and notes from the teachers I am so glad to hear she is doing well. That makes my heart smile. Maybe she just needed the right program and the right coach.  Will there be more lessons offered at … ?”

– Terri Anne Meyer

“My son, Michael, is so excited about Golf Squad. Last week he wore his visor until bedtime and put it on as soon as he woke up. He wore it into school this morning and he can’t wait to golf again today.”

– Missy Staffileno

“Cooper has loved the class! Our backyard has now become a golf course and has divots everywhere!! But to see how much he loves it and practicing 24/7 makes it all worth it!! Thanks for your time, teaching and dedication!”

– Sally Watson

“I am the Enrichment Coordinator for WHES, and yes we have recently added Golf Squad to our list of available programs.  I have only good things to say, especially concerning their business management practices.  Initially, I was concerned that some of the parents may have a problem with the pricing (only because they have had the benefit of some very low participation fees) but that was NOT a concern  expressed by any parent!  In fact, it was our highest participation class!  I also have a personal experience with Golf Squad from the view of a parent; my son took the class, he enjoyed it so much that he signed up again this session (without my input).  They are extremely efficient and always provide information, reminders and lesson plans to the parents.  It is very apparent that they desire to do whatever they can to make the program successful and to give the kids a positive experience.  One of the biggest benefits for me is that they truly run themselves, which a huge help for our program. They are able to handle payments and correspondence without me, but are very open to suggestions.  The instructor we have used is great with the kids!  He handles a multitude of age groups and energy levels with ease.  Once due to an emergency situation, they needed to provide us with a substitute instructor and we found him to be of equally good quality, so I am sure whomever is in your school program will be an excellent fit!”

– Carla A Agnini, WHA Coordinator