Current Golf Squad Online students:  Each month, when it is time for your Swing Analysis, there will be a link to this page in your Virtual Classroom (a 6 week online offering comes with 1 analysis; an 8 week online offering comes with 2 analysis; and a 12 week offering comes with 3 analysis).  Additional analysis may be purchased HERE.

Getting a Swing Analysis is as simple as recording two short videos on your phone and uploading them below.

A Golf Professional will analyse both the front and side videos, provide a mock up of both, include audio feedback and freeze frames of key areas of your swing to focus on for improvement.

The student will then receive an email with a copy of the analysed videos and letting them know to login to their Virtual Classroom where they can view the Swing Analysis along with comments from the Golf Professional who analysed their swing and videos of drills they can work on to help them improve.


IMPORTANT:  Don’t worry about background noises as the audio will be replaced by the Golf Professional’s audio feedback. The shorter the film the better since you are limited to 30 MB per video. Each video should be less than 30 seconds.  Please avoid long pauses before, after and during filming.


Film the swing from the Front View (body facing the camera).  Share the swing in full frame (showing the golfer’s entire body).  Film from the start of the swing to the finish position.

Front View Example Video

And from the Side View (facing down the line toward the target).

Side View Example Video


Upload videos BELOW.