Golf Squad on campus learning is offered during your school’s Fall/Spring Semesters.  It is a six to twelve week, after school club that meets once a week for an hour with a golf industry professional.  All participating families receive weekly emails detailing what students will be doing and learning in class. All essentials are provided during on campus classes (Golf Squad Handbook, training equipment, fitted golf clubs, etc.). Each student receives a Golf Squad Handbook and Golf Squad hat/visor to keep.  Simply register, show up and build the foundation to enjoy golf for a lifetime.

In the event that one or more classes need to be moved to our online platform, Golf Squad will substitute one online class for each cancelled on campus class.  Online classes provide Premium Content that includes, live online classes instructed by PGA/LPGA Professionals, virtual review classes, Golf Squad blogging with Professionals and classmates as well as golf games, drills, and activities.