Harris Road Middle

Golf Squad at Harris Road Middle offers students two unique options for professionally instructed golf classes. Either an all on campus option or the Golf Squad Online (GSO) option; both allow students to obtain a far superior golf knowledge than today’s average golfer.

Golf Squad on Campus learning is offered during your school’s Fall/Spring Semesters. It is an after school club that meets once a week for an hour with a golf industry professional. All essentials are provided for on campus classes (Golf Squad Handbook, training equipment, fitted golf clubs, etc.). Each student receives a Golf Squad Handbook and Golf Squad hat/visor to keep.

Golf Squad Online (GSO) learning is offered at different times throughout the year. It includes 24/7 access to interactive virtual learning, Premium Content that enables students to utilize Golf Squad’s curriculum with a PGA Professional, engage in games, drills, and activities, blog with us, as well as allow students to upload their golf techniques for feedback from an LPGA or PGA Professional (a golf industry value of $60-$180 each). Golf equipment and supplies not included.

Current Class Offerings

We are sorry but there does not appear to be an on campus class scheduled at this time.

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Otherwise, please let us know you're interested in an on campus course at Harris Road Middle.

Email kate@golfsquad.com with questions about upcoming classes or to convey interest in Golf Squad at Harris Road Middle.