Golf Squad and Your School.

Golf Squad provides school aged children with professional golf education for enrichment and character growth. The curriculum based classes build a golf foundation that allows students to enjoy golf as a family activity, a lifelong game, as well as a business asset for our future leaders (And it’s fun too!).


Golf Squad handles all administrative and strategic aspects of classes in order to bring this valuable, social sport to your school and community.

Several key features of offering a Golf Squad at your school:


  • Golf Squad is committed to placing the “right professional” for each school
  • Program is adaptable (class length, class structure, multiple start times, etc.)
  • Works hand-in-hand with Parent Teacher Groups
  • Classes taught by golf industry professionals only
  • All Instructors carry full liability insurance
  • Online registrations administered by Golf Squad
  • All payments collected by Golf Squad
  • Convenient school location for parents
  • Completely parent funded
  • Limited space requirements (inside and/or outside)
  • Teacher liaison discount
  • Weekly parent emails regarding classes
  • All equipment is provided (e.g. clubs, training equipment, mats, etc.)
  • No damage to campus turfs as all hits are taken from mats
  • Special “safe for schools” AlmostGolf Balls used (cork like material)

Let’s  build the foundation to enjoy golf for a lifetime together!

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