Professional Testimonials.

“If we build Golf Squad the right way, with heart, it will be sustainable and leave a footprint in the golf industry that we as golf professionals will be proud of.”

~ Jeff Shores, PGA
2017 CPGA Player Development Award
Golf Squad Co-Founder
Charlotte, NC

“Golf Squad is a fun and exciting way to expose students to the game of golf. As a coach you can create the learning environment that best works for the students. I think the #1 priority, after safety, is that the boys and girls associate you​,​ the ​c​oach​,​ with golf being fun! I love to laugh and “play” with the students all the while helping them learn to strike a golf ball.  Lastly, Golf Squad compensate​s​ us, the PGA Member, with extra income ​creating a win-win in our quest to continue to grow the game of golf.”

~ Paige Cribb, PGA, MBA
President, Carolinas PGA Section “Paige Makes History”
Myrtle Beach, SC

“Golf Squad has shown  us that taking our professionals and putting them in an environment where the students don’t feel overwhelmed works. It’s a simple strategy to get new students to transfer to your on course programs. This is a great compliment to any operation looking to grow their own player development base, as it is a great feeder program. Take advantage of the bridges that Jeff and Golf Squad have built and don’t be left behind.”

~ Tony Brooks, Master PGA Professional
Lion Junior Golf Academy
Chino Hills, CA

“As a PGA golf professional, where else can you grow the game of golf with juniors, become known within your community, receive MSR points and get paid a competitive wage to do it.  Golf Squad offers this opportunity to all PGA Professionals in your area with very little commitment or travel necessary.”

~ Andrew Boyd, PGA
Golf Squad Program Manger AZ, TX, CO
Phoenix, AZ

“GolfSquad is truly the best way to teach kids golf in a safe and familiar setting and the parents love the values this life-long sport offers”

~ Rick Timm, PGA
Top 50 Master Kids Teacher
RLJCT Tour Director
US Kids Tour Director
Timm Golf Academy
Denver, CO

“Working with Golf Squad has been invaluable to my career as a PGA Golf Professional.  Being in a Program Manager position has allowed me the unique opportunity to build and maintain relationships with other PGA Professionals, key community members, and the students themselves and put me into a position to mentor all of them through a job that wholeheartedly promotes growth of the game of golf.”

~ Dean Riggs, PGA
Golf Squad Program Manager CA
Mission Viejo, CA

“…I’ve received numerous emails from parents telling me they’ve been waiting for a program like Golf Squad for a long time.  Golf Squad allows children to have a great fundamental start to golf and become confident and comfortable going to the golf course.  Golf has to start with our youth, and growing our great sport is what Golf Squad is all about.”

~ David Carse, PGA
Golf Squad Program Manager FL
Fort Myers, FL

“Having worked for Golf Squad as a Program Manager and Instructor, I can honestly say that I have not seen a better vehicle for Golf Professionals to grow the game and promote themselves within their communities.”

~ Patrick Rowe, PGA
Golf Squad Program Manager SC, NC
Columbia, SC