Golf Squad Live Events are a great way to interact with a PGA Professional. They are meant as a fun supplement to weekly classroom Virtual Lessons and are offered at different days and times throughout the week.  So make sure to login and watch the current week’s Virtual Lesson and practice so you can ask meaningful questions when participating in a Live Event (your child doesn’t have to ask questions, but they can).  Should your child like one on one help with a PGA Professional in a Live Event, please try to have someone hold their camera in order to better show the instructor what they are working on.

No Events

These events will be hosted by a PGA / LPGA Professional. Regular guests include PGA Professional Jeff Shores live from Pinehurst, NC (home of the Junior World Championships) and PGA Professional Andrew Boyd from Anthem, Arizona.  Look out for different and special guest PGA/LPGA Professionals as well!

Students can ask questions directly with the PGA Professionals (i.e. how the PGA Pro got started, is my grip right, can I go to the golf course during this time, how to mark a ball, etc) and interact with other Golf Squad students by showing us what they are doing at home and seeing what other students are doing too.  Be ready to ask your questions and have some fun.

All Golf Squad Online students welcome.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Keep Swinging!