Golf Squad Co-Founder

Born in Los Angeles, California, Golf Squad Co-Founder, Jeff Shores, PGA, competed as a collegiate golfer before beginning a more than 25+ year golf career.  His West and East Coast teaching in the United States has influenced a diverse spectrum of students from juniors, collegiate players, and Tour professionals, to Special Olympians, politicians, and celebrities.  Jeff and his wife have two junior golfers who are both very active in junior golf tournaments.  Jeff has hosted golf websites and is a freelance sports writer for  Jeff received the 2017 Carolinas PGA “Player Development” award.

His years of professional teaching experience have led to the development of Golf Squad, Golf Squad Corporate and Golf Squad Online, all designed to encourage a love and deep understanding of the game of golf.

“We often find ourselves describing programs as age appropriate.  The fact is… although Golf Squad is presented in a social and fun group setting, the valuable golf education students are attaining is far superior to the golf knowledge base of the average adult golfer.

At Golf Squad, we don’t dumb it down.  We have found that each student has an amazing ability to absorb a tremendous amount of information. Therefore, although we teach to the class, we mentor to the individual in order for each participant to get the most out of class.”






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