As lovers of golf, and the lifetime of social opportunities being comfortable with golf can bring with it, we encourage students to take into consideration the value of weekly continued practice.  


  • Learning with peers of similar ages
  • PGA / LPGA Professional class instruction
  • Convenience of your child’s school as a location (or Golf Squad Online)
  • The importance of practice itself … We often compare it to a child learning to play an instrument (like the piano).  Instructional handbooks are a great source for teaching, comprehension, and review; and weekly practice (if not more often) is important in order to improve and maintain techniques.

With that said, as you may already be aware of, each Golf Squad On Campus class is divided into around 10 minutes for handbook and 50 minutes for “club in hand” practice.  The semester handbook to be used is decided after class registrations come in so that returning students can be gauged and the level of the overall class decided on.  Sometimes, it is helpful to return to a particular handbook already used as the amount of information is extensive in each book.  Handbooks are tailored to the amount of weeks in your school’s semester offering (e.g. putting in week one, chipping in week two, full swing with irons in week three, etc.).  An additional handbook will be received by students in semester offerings longer than 8 weeks.

Golf Squad offers advanced classes or handbooks for students at schools where the minimum participation level is met and after a student has participated in at least two other semester offering.

This class format allows each child to pick up where their individual abilities left off…no matter the handbook being used, all under the guidance of a PGA Professional and convenience of your child’s school.

We look forward to continuing to build the foundation to enjoy golf for a lifetime together with your children.

Happy golfing!