Golf Squad Online™ (GSO) is a structured e-learning platform. You choose the course length and start date to work within your schedule. Just a more organic way for successful golf improvement. Students receive weekly emails outlining the lesson focus for that week and enjoy unlimited access to Premium Content.

Weekly lessons focus and build on golf social skills, vocabulary, etiquette, history, rules as well as a technical skill focus for each week (e.g. putting, chipping, full swings, etc.).

Premium Content includes …

  • Access to personalized Virtual Classroom learning
  • Weekly Virtual Lessons by a PGA Professional
  • Optional weekly content quizzes to test your retention
  • Monthly Swing Analysis by a PGA Professional
  • Participate in weekly Live Event(s) for group and individual instruction
  • Interact with Golf Pros and students through our moderated Comments and Questions System

We currently offer 6, 8 and 12 week Golf Squad Online courses (monthly membership coming!).

Simply register, login and build the foundation to enjoy golf for a lifetime.

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Virtual Lessons

Learn a new technique each week, as well as rules, history, vocabulary and social skills. Once released, videos are available for the remainder of the course.

Watch on a smart device anywhere, anytime.  Pause or replay videos as needed.  Our Premium Content enables students to utilize Golf Squad’s curriculum, engage in games, drills, and activities…and connect with golf professionals from all across the country.

Get the most out of each lesson by practicing and watching over and over. Our virtual classroom meets the needs of every learning style. What a great way to build your swing, your confidence, and your game!

GSO Swing Analysis

Every Golf Squad Online™ package includes one personalized Swing Analysis each month by a Golf Professional.

6 week classes include 1 swing analysis
8 Week classes include 2 swing analysis
12 week classes include 3 swing analysis

Upload videos from your phone and one of our Golf Pros will complete a personalized video Swing Analysis with voice over, freeze frames and drills to help you improve.

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Live Events

Golf Squad Live Events are the perfect time to meet face to face with one or more Golf Professionals.

Ask questions or just listen in to live interviews with industry professionals, take virtual field trips around premier golf courses, as well as view swing technique demonstrations and individualized tips from our professional staff.

Each event is hosted by a Golf Professional. Students participate in real time and may attend as many Live Events each week as they would like for the duration of their online offering.

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Junior Vloggers

Golf Squad Junior Vloggers are all junior golfers at different ages and abilities. This area of GSO evolved out of interest from online students during Live Events when junior golfers were being featured. Golf Squad noticed that students had a lot of interest in how other juniors related to each other and talked about golf.

Junior Vloggers submit video blogs that are part of Golf Squad’s Premium Content through the Virtual Classroom’s Blog.

Golf Squad Online students can submit videos to be featured on GSO as a Junior Vlogger!

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