Golf Squad. COVID-19. (rev Tuesday, April 7).

PARENTS: As a small business, we are working diligently with our PGA Professional instructors and Golf Squad staff to create an online, virtual experience that we are very excited about. Golf Squad Online is providing, like our on campus classes, a golf education that far exceeds the average golfer. We hope families will take this at home time to come out on the other side with golf skills that will be with them for a lifetime. 

We’ve moved to virtual online classrooms for all students (and any other at home family members who would like to join them at no additional charge).  Golf Squad Online includes interactive virtual learning, Premium Content that will enable students to continue their golf classes by utilizing Golf Squad’s curriculum with a PGA Professional, engage in games, drills and activities, blog with us regarding classes and specific questions, as well as allowing students to upload their golf techniques for feedback with PGA and LPGA Professionals.  

Golf Squad Online is quickly gaining some momentum as a hub of junior golf activity. We will continue to work with our PGA and LPGA Professionals to provide students additional exciting opportunities (i.e. live online golf field trips, interviews with golf insiders, etc.). Your commitment and desire to learn and share the great game of golf with your family during this time and learn the history, vocabularies, etiquette and golf techniques is essential.

*Please check your SPAM for possible missed communication to date from Golf Squad and please be looking for your weekly class reminder.*