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If you heard about us through your school, you should Register through a School even if it is an online course. Students registering through a school follow a schedule together which may include a physical location.

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You choose the start date and number of weeks. We currently offer 3 online courses:

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If you are registered through a school, please use your proprietary link to visit your classroom. Your link is in your weekly email.

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About Register through a School

We work with schools to create enrichment programs for students. Some schools allow participants from the community at large.

On Campus: These classes meet on the school campus after school. If you are interested in an on campus course, try to Register through a School.

Online: Schools may run online classes. If you heard about an online/virtual offering through your school, try to Register through a School before you begin an online class independently.
Students registered through a school progress on the same weekly schedule.
If you don’t find a class through a school, you can register independently and Begin an Online Class to suit your schedule.

About Register for Online Classes

Online classes are offered to individuals and may be started anytime. You select the number of weeks and start date. You will have opportunities to engage other students through the Virtual Classroom Blog platform and Live Events.

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To sign into your existing Virtual Class, use your proprietary link you received in our weekly email. Can’t find it? Contact Us