Squad Families.

At the core of Golf Squad’s spirit, it’s all about family.

Families today need to invest their limited free time and energy into options that allow for multiple levels of return for their loved ones. Participation in Golf Squad at your child’s school does just that. Golf Squad allows for your child to become comfortable and knowledgeable with skills taught by golf industry professionals that can lead to a lifetime of personal, social, and even professional opportunities.

It’s common knowledge in the golfing world that many people never visit the golf course because they are uncomfortable with the “unknown” (the skills they feel they may need to “fit in” at the course). It is a feeling comparable to walking into a public gym for the first time. The solution is to learn about golf and the golf course by having a “go to” source where families feel comfortable gaining the knowledge they need…

…that’s how Golf Squad began.

Golf Squad is committed to sharing the technical and social skills required to enjoy golf with others in a way that truly passes on the spirit of the game from golf industry professionals to families.

Golf Squad encourages golf to be used as a “tool” in the modern family’s toolbox as a way to answer the challenge of needing more ways to actively connect with one another.  By learning golf, watching golf, playing golf, and enjoying the game together, families gain a healthy common bond that keeps them engaged with one another throughout their lives. And the great thing is, it doesn’t have to be an everyday or all day commitment. It doesn’t even mean you have to play at all. You could just walk or ride along and enjoy a great day outside.

Take it to the course…the golf course can be used as today’s modern “walk through the park.”

We’re here…building the foundation to enjoy golf for a lifetime together!

Happy golfing!