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Politics and Golf

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Golf is not simply about a win, a score, or even a swing…golf should be taught and thought of as so much more. It is a valuable social skill for all people to experience and teaches interpersonal skills that can be used for a lifetime both on and off the golf course.  Golf is a source of both physical and mental exercise. Golf is a great family activity and provides modern lifestyles the equivalency of a “day in the park.”  Once embraced, golf will be a lifelong game, as well as a business asset for our future leaders.

Although one of Golf Squad’s goals is to develop our students’ technical

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skills, an equally important goal is to help people learn to truly understand and enjoy golf while “living with” their current golf ability.  Golf is a social skill.

Golf Squad is proud to be the leading nontraditional-advancement program instructed by PGA / LPGA Members and Associates only.  Progress is structured to be a balance of technical and social skills, which better reflects the reality of golf at the golf course…and in life.

Golf Squad began by making these benefits the backbone of its offerings and nurtures these skills daily.

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“We often find ourselves describing programs as age appropriate.  The fact is… although Golf Squad is presented in a social and fun group setting, the valuable golf education students are attaining is far superior to the golf knowledge base of the average adult golfer.

At Golf Squad, we don’t dumb it down.  We have found that each student has an amazing ability to absorb a tremendous amount of 

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information. Therefore, although we teach to the class, we mentor to the individual in order 

for each participant to get the most out of class.”


— Jeff Shores, PGA 
Co-Founder, Golf Squad
2017 CPGA Player Development Award