Our Story

In 2011, PGA Professional, Jeff Shores, and his wife, Ysreen, discussed how difficult it can be for young players to begin playing golf. So they created a way to offer professional instruction as an after school program. Their success in the local market grew to a national program as parents, schools and Golf Pros began to contact them from around the country. Parents and schools loved the convenience and the level of professionalism; and Golf Pros loved the opportunity to share their love of the game with new students.

Today, Golf Squad reaches thousands of new students each year. Many of our students will play and enjoy the game for a lifetime. We are excited and proud to be an integral part of that tradition.

Teaching Success

Golf is not simply about a score or technique. It is a social activity and an important business asset.

Golf Squad students learn a balance of physical, mental and social skills.

We believe this prepares them for success both on and off the golf course.

Our Coaches are Pros

Golf Squad only works with PGA or LPGA Professionals and Associates. Most of our instructors also work at a local club and provide instruction at their facility as well as teach Golf Squad classes.

We are proud of our role in connecting Golf Pros with students of all ages and abilities.

Our Mission

We believe golf is so much more than just a game. Golf brings physical, social and personal enrichment to our lives. Our mission is to provide an affordable and accessible opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of golf. Thank you for joining us on our quest!

Organic Golf

Golf Squad is proud to be the leading “nontraditional advancement” program in the country entirely instructed by PGA / LPGA Members and Associates.

Our students are exposed to techniques far superior to the knowledge base of the average golfer. We present information in short but complete segments.

Our students learn about every aspect of the game. We help them build a strong foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment.

The Family that Golfs Together

Golf Squad was founded by two golfers who met on the golf course. Their two children play golf competitively. They live in a golf course community and play almost every day.

They don’t just talk golf or teach golf. They live golf. And they wholeheartedly believe in the value of the game.

Learn more about Golf Squad Founders, Jeff and Ysreen Shores as they are often featured on the Golf Squad Blog.